About us

Hi I’m Hannah, 

Melbourne Wife, Mum of Four, and Founder of Hushbabyau.

After discovering sustainable siliconeware, i went in-depth on research and dedication to finding the most resourceful and innovatively aesthetic ways to utilize silicone products.

First and foremost, the benefits compared to plastic were wildly underrated.

Hushbabyau was created to make space for a healthy and lively alternative for parents and kids.

Here are some benefits of silicone - Durability,Flexibility, Non-Toxic, Higher Quality Easier to Maintain, Easy Clean-Up, Soft + Kid Friendly!

Hushbaby products come in 7 colours to choose from, while providing a safe, clean, and enjoyable mealtime.

At Hushbaby I am on a mission to make mealtimes easier for families everywhere.